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The Clarity Cleanse 5-Day Detox to Manifest A Better Life


I was at a point in my life where I felt like nothing was working for me.

I wanted to pull back from life, people, social media and I mean everything. I felt stuck and trapped and the only way out was through the dark path and into the light. Sometimes in life, you have to struggle you have to go through something things. It’s either going to break you or make you stronger.

I started my journey by detoxing from everything that didn’t serve me any purpose like friends, family, facebook (yes the 3 f’s) and anything with negativity. Believe it or not, facebook was a huge part of the problem I would be on it all day wasting time and not doing anything towards my purpose or goals.

“If you’re not productive, then you are a puppet” 

Stay Woke! see when you are not following after your true self or nurturing your mind and spirit you are entertaining something besides yourself that doesn’t even exist. It’s a robot version of yourself and you build a wall brick, by brick refusing to feed your soul and look to you for the truth.

My soul was thirsty for a renewal, for a clarity cleanse so what I did was begin my journey by not going on Facebook for a week, cutting off energy-draining people and getting rid of negativity. After ONLY one-week I felt more energized than I did in my whole entire existence. I started pouring my energy and time on myself and focused on what I love and what I liked to do. That’s where the magic begin and I felt like I was operating on a higher level. I started accomplishing my goals day by day, I was inspired to do things I always wanted to do. I feel at peace, I don’t feel depressed, emptiness or unproductive like I once did. I’m in control of my future and my outcome of my surroundings, my life and my destiny.

I’m more focused than ever,  For the most part, I’m happy and at peace and even when I feel lost I come back to the clarity cleanse for guidance.

I want to share with you, my 5-day detox cleansing to manifesting a better life. It only takes 5 days to start seeing greatness. You deserve it! Your inner greatness is inside of you. All you have to do now is find clarity and let it manifest out.

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