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Issa BDAY!⇢ Miami17 + Migos It’s Litty! (VLOG)


Issa BDAY!⇢ Miami17 + Migos It’s Litty! (VLOG) Yooo Miami was definitely Lit! Hilar! This brings back so many memories! Gang! Gang! lol. I  vlogged for the first time yall and it was mad fun and I loved it. I think I might have a promising career in videography lol ..Watch and let me know what you think! Do a sista got it or what?!

Check it out


Partied with Lil Wayne and Migos at the club. Yes!Gang! Gang! Gang! lol

Formed a new squad ‘Amigos’ -Off Sweat, Quava (me) & Take On

Geeked with family and friends the whole entire time!

For the first time I had Cheviche (a spanish dish) Yes! it was bangin’

Starred in a ‘Wild Thoughts’ Photo/Videoshoot

and many many more…it’s LIttttty!!!

Snapshot 6 (7-14-2017 1-58 AM).png
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