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DIY: Fur Slides for under $20!

DIY: Fur Slides for under $20


Things You’ll Need>

  1. Slides

  2. Faux fur

  3. Scissors

  4. Measuring tape

  5. Glue gun

  6. Glue sticks

  7. Paper Towel


Making my faux fur slides was easy and fun!

DIY Video:

First step: Measure the circumference of the slides strap, make sure you have an accurate cut out of the fur that you will be using to glue down. It’s okay if it’s too big you can always go back and cut anything extra off.

Second stepNow, it’s time to cut out the two pieces of fur that you’ll be using to glue on the slides strap band.

Third step: Once you have the cut out fur, it’s time to glue those baby down! Now, here’s the fun part. Take the heated glue gun and put the glue on the strap band covering the area you want to be glued. Then press down and hold fur for 10 secs so that it can adhere on the slides. Keep going until the entire strap is covered with fur.

Fourth step: continue step 3 onto the other pair of slides.

Tadaaaa! You are done. Happy Furry slides!

Hashtag #ArtishaDIYSlides and post on IG. I want to see your Fur Slides!!

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