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A New York State of Mind: Hustle With A Passion and Never Give Up!

Last weekend, I took  a quick trip to the  Bronx, NY where I was born and the birthplace of Hip-Hop “If it wasn’t for the Bronx, This rap sh!t probably never would be going on so tell me where you from, Uptown Baby! )  If  you’re an old head sing along and if you’re a yougin’ here is the link to Dejavu (Uptown baby) song, click and go skool yourself. Thank me later. (lol)

I love being in New York because there’s so much passion, culture, food, shopping, inspiration, grind/hustle and motivation. New York  is the city that doesn’t sleep (for real) and it’s a constant reminder about your hustle and your passion. Don’t sleep on goals, no matter where you are in life keep going and don’t stop!

Some days you may not feel focused and get so distracted by everyday life that you may forget all about your goals. But push through those days keep going and don’t give up. It’s okay to fall off here and there but just don’t quit.

The smartest thing I ever did was I never gave up”  Jay-Z

No matter where you are in life you can still WIN. Even if you can’t see it now have faith. Hustle with a passion in a New York state of mind, NEVER give up on your dreams and keep going…

Enjoy my snaps of the best city in the world

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